How To Date Lebanese Women: A short guide to Picking up, Dating and Dumping women (a.k.a P.Diddy method)

Forgiving Beirut How to Date Lebanese Women

Women are known to be a specie on their own, but understanding the Lebanese among them has proven to be more difficult than dismantling an atomic bomb while standing drunk on 1 foot inside a ship struck by a typhoon in the middle of the Bermuda triangle & getting instructions over the phone from a Chinese speaking bomb expert.

If you are a man taking a peek at this article, chances are you’re tired of trying to unravel the universe of women and the headache that goes with it.

As your brother in arms, I recognize your agony; after all, hitting on Lebanese ladies is a daunting task that might leave you with an empty pocket, shattered ego and a jar of Vaseline next to your bed.

For that I have sacrificed countless years from my youth and developed this dating bible to serve a great cause for my gender

I know you’re skeptical and reserved about this guide Bro. The human race landed on the moon, reconstructed the big bang, brought to light the Theory of evolution and where the fuck we came from…..but still hasn’t figured out what women want & how to deal with them.

Nevertheless, I want you to firmly believe that my tips are a universal breakthrough which are gonna grant you the key to understanding women and navigating your relationship. If you doubt that fact then you’re not ready to accept my priceless gift and in all likelihood you have a vagina.

In my lifetime I’ve made a reputation for not letting go of my bros. So once you get back to your common sense, grab a bottle of wine, hold on to your seat and get ready for a roller coaster ride of sheer madness into the world of dating Lebanese women:


Your testosterones are racing in your system faster than the final lap of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. But before you dive in, your pick up move should be well planned and calculated.

1) Venues 

A/ Bars / Clubs (a clear No go)

Long gone are the days where you could pick up girls at the bar. The countless hours of watching Barney Stinson hitting on women at the neighborhood pub drowned you in a lake of fallacies. Clubs and pubs in Lebanon are not made for mingling like in “How I met your Mother”. These places serve to meet your own friends, drink into oblivion while telling each others the same jokes since high school then fight over who picks up the bill. Lot of men fall into what’s known as the “Facebook trap” where a girl’s profile portrays her as a happy, open, social and risk taking person. Often times boys are over excited when they read feminine description like “Carpe Diem” “YOLO” & “Im an outgoing person who loves to laugh, dance and meet new people” but once they approach her at the bar she transforms into a nasty version of Optimus Prime from Cybertron. Another technique used by chicks is known as “The Beiruti Bitch Shield” which some experts consider it to be less penetrable than the 300 Spartan warrior’s diamond formation. Mobile technology like Whatsapp, BBM and some half a million app comes to add to the armada of the female defensive system as they are used to convey a “fuck off im not interested” attitude when that bimbo shoves her face into that little screen all night long (because apparently her virtual entourage is more “happening” than the physical one)

So as you can see, it is simply easier to walk into Mordor and shag Sauron than go into a club and say hi to a woman. For that I suggest you start reducing your nocturnal outings and start spending your time in the below suggested places

B/ Supermarkets

To be successful you need to approach women when their wall-of-china-sized bitch shield is at its lowest. For decades women around the world have been known to cure their dramas, depressions and low self esteem with sky high calorie dosed medicine known as ice cream. This is where the supermarket presents itself as a godsend location. As you go in, head straight to the ice cream aisle, choose your target and compliment her as she’s consulting Dr Ben & Jerry’s. All you need to do is to boost her morale by telling her that she looks great, that you like cats and that in the end, world peace is gonna prevail. You’ll see that the attraction is instant.

NOTE: Not all the supermarket aisles are good for the game. You should try to stay away from the Household items section. The last thing you need is to meet a gorgeous woman with a pile of toilet paper in her shopping cart. You run the risk of being in a shitty situation. Literally.

C/ Libraries & Book Shops

Sometimes you might find it useful to familiarize yourself with a couple of books other than Kamasutra and Playboy: The complete centerfolds.

Lebanese chicks dig intellectual men.

It’s true that a lot of them have an IQ a little bit higher than the room temperature, but in some rare occasions you might bump into a few who still hide a couple of brain cells under their hairdo. And as you might have guessed it already, your chances of catching one of these soon-to-be-extinguished compatriots, increases significantly around Bookstores. But before you run to Virgin or Librairie Antoine, make sure you have some book titles under your belt to display your cultured and intellectual persona. My advice is to go for some brainy and donnish titles to portrait your sophistication. Try to read John W. Trimmer’s best seller “How to avoid huge ships” or Kathleen Meyer’s acclaimed book “How to shit in the woods”. In case you’re looking for something more deep, leaf through a book called “Games you can play with your pussy: and lots of other stuff cat owners should know” or alternatively you could pick up “Be Bold with Bananas”.

These recommendations are guaranteed to make you sound like a Neo Lebanese Shakespeare and will give you enough confidence to approach women, start a clever conversation and make them fall in love with your character like greased lightening.

D/ Lingerie Shops

This move is not for the faint of heart. Although intimate apparel shops are considered the DisneyLand of bachelors around the world, you’ve got to have the skills of an actor and the cojones of a wrecking ball to enter this place. As you coyote your way into the shop, make sure you put on a face of a lost and confused baby.

Women have instinctual nurturing tendencies stamped all over their DNA. So as soon as they see you walking around dazed in their feminine world, they will approach you and instantly offer their help. Women appreciate the courage of a man who’s diving into the unknown to buy a gift for his fictitious girlfriend. As a reward they will do their best to teach you the ins and outs of this hidden cult and reveal the long kept secret of Victoria. Remember to always ask for a live training  on how to unbuckle a bra with one hand or a live demonstration of cup sizes chart.

2) What to wear (Fashion)

Lebanese women are far from being superficial. But since half of them have blood ties with Christian Dior and the rest work in the fashion industry in some sort, sporting the right style could be a big winner for you. It’s not really hard to deliver a sharp look. It’s a simple color matching exercise. All you have to do is conform the shoe color with the belt, the socks with the shirt, the pants with the sunglasses, the boxers with the jacket and the credit card with the car. Remember, Lebanese women are not materialistic. Not at all. However, a $500K Patek Philippe is a $500K Patek Philippe. So grace your wrist with one to expose your personality and help her assess the sweet natured man of cheerful disposition that you are. Now I know some of the sports casual looking people might object the idea of wearing expensive jewelry – which requires a degree in mechanical engineering to understand and takes more time to design than to get a college degree – for fear of looking too much of a “Try Hard”. In that case you can replace the watch by putting on dog tags made of 2 platinum credit cards around your neck, for a bad ass “Top Gun” look.

3) Pick Up Lines and Conversations

Unless you look like Brad Pitt with pockets deeper than Hariri, pick up lines like “Hey cucumber what’s your number” or “Hey are you from Jamaica? Coz you’re Jamaican me crazy” wont be effective. Pick up lines are so 1980. So try to stay away from these cheesy routines. Lebanese chicks are highly educated social predators. Their international lifestyle and travels around the world gave them deep and profound exposure into a large range of big topics from Finance, Art, Philosophy and Sociology… all the way to the Science explaining why a simple pair of red bottom high heels costs more than the GDP of Burkina Faso. So when you approach them it is important to forget about Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi for a second. These names wont get you pussy even from a dead cat. If you’re really aiming for the jackpot you gotta compromise and start familiarizing yourself with words like Blahnik Manolo and Christian Leboutin. Trust me dude, all the romantic poems in the world wont even match the impact of a simple compliment you give to a chick on the LeBoutin she’s wearing….

….unless off course your poem recites:

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

My Ferrari is parked outside

Wanna come with me Boo?


Congrats Bro you made it to the next level. Now that you’re dating a Lebanese Girl and stepping with one foot into hell, you need to arm yourself with some knowledge and tips which will slow down your fall into Armageddon

1) Ring Ring

Once you secure your first date with your girl, make sure to call your bank and ask them to transfer your yearly salary to MTC or Alpha mobile theft-o-rators. You see, when you were still living in bachelorville, communicating with your pals over the phone used to be simple, short & concise. “Ring Ring – Meet me in Gemayze in 30 minutes – Hang Up” or “Ring Ring – Sorry bro im gonna be late – Hang up” or even “Ring Ring – Move your ass bro, club is on fire. tons of chicks – Hang up”.

Well, Concise No more!!  Now that you willingly decided to move into a relationship, you are expected to give an after midnight call for 4 hours to listen to why Toutsi the cat is sick.   Beware that chatting on Whatsapp or BBM all day long does not replace the 6 hour daily call according to the international laws of relationships. Additionally you would need to place yourself on standby mode as her personal GPS assistant to give her direction when she’s in the middle of nowhere.

2) Bloody Hell

The last thing my Grand Father shared with me on his dying bed was that the difference between a terrorist and a woman having her PMS is that you can negotiate with a terrorist. Since that moment, I lived everyday abiding by this rule. From that point on, you outta know that it’s your responsibility to avoid any interaction with the opposite gender during this one week of blood stream. The management of this blog, its friends, future sponsors and potential business affiliates would like to stress on that tip and clarify that they bare no legal liability in case you decide to do otherwise. You’re on your own buddy. It is crucial to disappear when your girl is on PMS coz she is going to FUBAR (fuck u beyond any recognition) your miserable life. Im talking about a week long of bloodshed wars, probably the bloodiest in all what this word carries in its literal sense. Be extremely careful since in that week, Logic becomes a principle known only to Greek philosophers, and any verbal communication will be more terrifying than brawling with Mike Tyson. Just disappear motha fucker. Dis A ppear!

3) The Notion of Time

Time in Lebanon represents nothing but a mere accessory that matches the color of her tank top. It is just a posh reason to buy a Rolex. Nothing more. Don’t blame it all on your girl. Women are genetically engineered to perceive time differently from men. Say you agree to pick her up at 7pm sharp. For a guy it means being in your car in front of her house at 6:55pm sharp. For a woman it means moving out of bed to take a shower at 7:05pm. So the next time you agree on a time to pick her up for dinner, make sure to bring with you J K Rowling’s entire fantasy series and keep yourself busy while waiting in front of her house in your car as she finishes from her 3 hour Crayola Gang Bang on her face.

4) Lies

One of men’s greatest historical allies is the ability to lie. No matter how decent of a man you might think you are, lying will save your ass every time guaranteed. You worked so hard to bag yourself this piece of ass you call Girlfriend, so to keep your relationship healthy you need to keep her happy and consequently lie some “few” times. Here is why. Women lives revolves around their weight. Watch 10 minutes of “Sex & The City” and you’ll understand that if your girl had the choice between gaining 200 grams or going blind, you would probably be shopping for a guide dog and a white cane. After grasping this idea, your duty in this relation would be to always tell her that she looks thin. Even when you think she’s rolling like a cement truck. Every time she feels down, every time she wears something new, every time she asks you if she’s fat, if her ass is big….you’ll have one consistent lie: “you look so thin”. Four simple deceptive words that would halt World War 3 from breaking out and buy you eternal peace of mind.

5) Sex

Oh boy…where do I start! This topic needs an entire Blog dedicated to it with hourly post updates. So to keep it short, continue doing your homework on Just remember three essential things: 1.Use protection. The last thing you need is to spend your Saturdays shopping for a baby stroller.  2. Always delete your Browser’s History. 3.That Monster Drill they used in the Anal sex scenes was done by professionals. So don’t try it at home. Please!


So your relationship was a journey to hell where you spent every waking moment desperately trying to stop your fate from sprinting into this infernal end. By this time you’re probably at a stage where you’re auctioning for a gun on eBay and seriously contemplating the idea of kissing Beirut goodbye. Since singing REM’s “Every Body Hurts” to you sounds too gay, I’d rather keep it macho and think it out like men do. Breaking up is not an easy task to accomplish. It is like walking on a tight rope over a swamp of fresh boiling Lava. But if you execute it carefully you will walk away from this incident with minor bruises. Normally you will have a choice among 4 different breaking up methods: Over the Phone. In an email. Changing your relationship status on Facebook. Face to Face.

While all 4 methods are considered legit, experience has taught me that the Face to Face option is relatively the safest…unless you can take refuge in a fortified safe room in your house with walls and doors reinforced by sheets of steel, Kevlar and bullet proof fiberglass, then you can give the 3 other options a try.

As you go into the Face to Face death match, make sure you remove all sharp objects around you. This is not to be taken lightly. Use sentences like “you deserve better than me” “I want the best for you” “There is nothing wrong with you, it’s just me trying to fight my demons” and most importantly “You look so thin”.

She’ll generally cry for two hours or maybe half a day then probably stomp to Bouza Bachir or Patchi Chocolate Outlet to drown her sorrows.

For the next couple of weeks make sure you seclude yourself from society and refrain from showing any signs of happiness or breathing on Facebook or Twitter.

After this mandatory hermitic period, you regain your freedom and your status of eligible bachelor on the dating scene.

Beirut, I love your daughters in all their shapes, moods and hair color and for that you will always be forgiven


My Lawyer helped me carefully pen down this article. So for all the women advocacy groups, feminist activists, gender equality organizations, please address all your queries and comments to him. He’s tall, dark and likes to cuddle. Be forewarned though; he charges by the hour.



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74 responses to “How To Date Lebanese Women: A short guide to Picking up, Dating and Dumping women (a.k.a P.Diddy method)

  1. P. Baranowski

    You will die a lonely man. Hysterical funny but lonely man.

  2. __

    Im a rich woman, personality and great looks, and iq- many men i encountered used my wallet lol.

  3. Lara

    I’m saving this article for both my sons to read in 15 years 🙂
    As I’m no typical Lebanese woman, their dad won my heart by forgetting his wallet on the first date, it was priceless 🙂

    • Bless you for thy great parenting. make sure they read *getting high in Beirut* when they hit puberty. Understanding women would come later on the list

      • Lara

        There is no harm in getting high occasionally we have all done it at some point 🙂 you’re obviously still into it 😀
        I’ll be lying to myself by thinking that my 2 boys won’t be tempted by it. It’s not that big of a deal (unless you’re caught and packed in prison by some darake who probably takes the confiscated joints for himself)
        And about understanding women: One golden rule for them to keep in mind: don’t be a hypocrite, you’ll be caught eventually

  4. Caroline

    You win sir. This was an awesome read but I do hope you don’t seriously believe they’re all like that! You did hit home with 90% of the female population though.

    • As an objective writer, I never generalize, and I always use unbiased statistical evidence (done by an independent 3rd party) which numbers in this article hovered around the heights of 97%. So according to these results I dont seriously believe that all women r like that. im certain that there r some few outstanding women out there who were born on the 30th of Feb to a BigFoot father and a Unicorn Mother in downtown Eldorado.

  5. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a fan of getting high. Alcohol and women r more than enough for me. I believe being transparent with kids and talking openly about all sort of taboos can definitely help them make better judgements in their lives.

    • Lara

      I do take my kids education very seriously, and I am against getting high as a way of life and wasting God’s given health as I never ever joke about drinking and driving.
      I do like your style of writing, you’re eloquent funny and I am rarely positively surprised by a lebanese writer, you bring real earthy like life to your words and subjects (even if I have a feeling this blog is intended for young wild sirs?!)
      Good luck for further more jewel articles

      • well…that’s too many compliments to handle. I could definitley try to take a stab at writing in a more serious tone but the events surrounding me are just too ridiculous to try and take them seriously. U probably know better. Anyways I hope my writing stays up to ur expectations.

  6. Khaled

    Yes, this pleases me

  7. Good stuff and funny… but there’s a lot of truth here. 2 of the most amazing women I ever met were Lebanese. A young woman named Rania I had the good fortune to meet and work with. Another woman was a client of mine at my job; she was simply incredible. I’m not just talking looks. I’m talking intelligence, personality, non presumptuous. They were both spoken for so the search continues.

  8. Sly

    Great article and so true. I’ve just returned from Beirut completely devastated by a beautiful Lebanese woman – a charming liar – she told me million times that she’s not interested in money, and I was a fool who believed her. It’s all about money and show off in Beirut, more then any other place I visited in my 40 years. I wish I red this article before my arrival or before I met her. Perhaps, I would do many things differently. Too late now. Don’t wanna come back to that place, it will always bring the bitter memories.

  9. Hapless Dude

    Following my divorce five years ago, I have been living a heaven-like life…a long hedonistic period of many mindless nevertheless happily shag-full multi-relationships. The world as I know seems to have come to an end though. Recently, a young beautiful Lebanese woman…her eyes, the hair, the attitude, the whole shebang…turned my world upside down. The last few weeks, I have been feeling like a fish fresh out of water gasping for air, not able to comprehend what is happening to me. In that unbearable lightness of helplessness, I consulted Google his Holiness and presto your article appears, laying it all out for me. Now I know what awaits me in the evolutionary stages of my self-inflicted misery!

    Not sure if it changes my verdict; my Aphrodite is from Beirut alright, but lives in Istanbul.

  10. i likes atomic bomb disarmament comparison.

  11. FrustrastedLebaneseWoman

    Soooo you got your heart broken by a Lebanese girl? 🙂
    I hate generalizations but this post cracked me up, I’ll give you that.

  12. FrustrastedLebaneseWoman

    But I always had a feeling that Lebanese guys like the type of girls you describe in your post..?! Am I wrong to think so? I always felt that Lebanese guys go for the airhead superficial girls so that they can feel more “manly” around them whereas girls with a good head on their shoulders are a turn-off because they’re too intimidating!

    • That’s just a myth created by girls with a good head on their shoulders to compensate their lack of superficial-ness. U have to admit, airheads worry less. That’s a major advantage when u live in a country like Lebanon

      • i have to disagree with you here. i was raised in a lebanese family where they emphasize a lot on women empowerment, education, and achieving a good social status with your OWN efforts. and i am generally considered average/good looking depending on your taste. However, i was rarely asked on second dates and had a very hard time finding a boyfriend here.

        i was often labeled “low maintenance”, not “tiree a quatre epingles”, the lebanese man could not understand why i don’t mind sitting on the grass in a park to read a good book, this is just not “classy” in his opinion ! he wouldn’t understand why i don’t mind if i spent saturday night with a bunch of friends watching a good DVD back home, when you can be hitting Skybar that night !

        in conclusion, we can’t blame the lebanese female mentality entirely because this is what Lebanese men want, they want a girl “man2oufe min fo2 la ta7et” from sunrise till sunset

  13. while i totally agree with you on this stereotype, i also suggest that you dig deeper, not all of us are like this and you might be surprised to find a decent number of intellectual women over here. but i do agree that the majority are really shallow.

  14. Can you please tell me where I can find a Justin Bieber shaped di#do? (I didn’t click on any of the Social mumbo jumbo buttons). So I’m planning on watching New Tv very soon. Cheers!

  15. E-money two grips

    Very funny and Bright

  16. issa

    I like to meet nice woman for long term

  17. Sam

    I was going to marry a beautiful well educated Lebanese girl from Achrafieh, we both live in Canada but her parents still live there. They are the most sadistic superficial psychopaths I met in my entire life. While the girl was pretty sweet but she had absolutely no personality infront of her parents!! I spoiled her with all the stupid worthless Gucci Lv Prada bags and shoes and shit but for her parents (who used to take the jewelry I bought her and evaluate it to make sure the diamonds are real) nothing was enough. They openly talked about money everytime we met and that the fanciest restaurant in Canada isnt up to their expectations and the dad always acted as if he is disgusted from everything! The first question they asked her before she introduces me to them was,”Does he like brands like us? Is he like us and he likes fancy things?” I stayed with the girl because I didnt care much about the parents and when you are in love you are f*cking dumb, but at the end after 3 years of a relationship and when we had to talk about marriage, they told her this isnt the right guy for you because we both make the same salary(Trust me its a pretty big salary and I come from a high class family but we do not own a yacht in Crete or a house in Monaco) and that you will have to work with him all your life in order for you to maintain this quality of life. Eventhough the girl did want to stay with me, but her parents gave her an ultimatum, us or him!! Im sorry bro but f*ck lebanese girls and their families. I dont know if its the right place to write this story but I feel goooooood.

    • the best place to write this story is on her father’s face. The second best place is definitely here. Congrats on escaping this gold digging family. u should be happy that ur testosterones didn’t trick you into getting married to this woman. It’s totally legit if a woman seeks financial stability in a relationship, but aiming to marry a bank shows you that she doesnt really love you. Forgive Forget and Move on

    • Lara

      That looks to me more like people with new money on their hands.. I live in Europe and I know people (particularly women) who own family jewels that go back to 200 years and more.. but they never show it off and by the look on these women you would never guess how rich they are!
      el ossa bil nafsiyyi, nes cheb3ane w nes betdalla jou3ane law chou ma sar 3inda. Good riddens! I hope you meet a really nice girl who likes you for who you are and not for how big the stone on her engagement ring is.

    • Sam

      Thanks guys, I went through a hard break up however Im glad I didnt become a member of this shitty family,while the girl wasnt actually like them but she was silent and didnt object when all this shit hapened so this makes her guilty too.
      I dont understand how an independant 29 year old who lives in Canada cant decide who to marry and her parents who live on the other side of the world decide her futur!! Also why did they spend so much money on her education if at the end they want her to stay in a big home all day watching LBC and talking about Haife’s last dress? They werent actually proud of her that she has a great job in Canada.
      And the hypocrisy, her dad wasn’t happy about the fact that she has to work all her life, but the mother works her ass off everyday and makes more money than he does :SSS.
      Nothing made sense to me at the end, but I heard its pretty common stories in Lebanon. it feels good talking about that here 🙂
      Great blog btw, and Ill make sure Ill use your advice next time im in Lebanon so I can meet the next girl who will abuse my credit cards!!

  18. Jack Black

    What percentage of Lebanese women will have sex before marriage?

  19. Tiran

    How on earth did I get to this website. Anyway this article is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor in your writing. Consider me a fan from hence forth

  20. You seem like the type of guy I would definitely text if I’m somewhere and I find a girl I like, but I seem frustrated about how to talk to her lol. I find it very difficult to approach women just because I’m scared of being rejected because it affects my confidence. For example, today I was sitting on a bench in my university garden and I saw an attractive girl sitting alone but I just kept staring for 20 mins and then I left…Lebanese women intimidate me, I haven’t had the best experience or past with them…Teach me master!

  21. Larry

    Thank God my journey to hell has been cut short. I often yearn to date a Lebanese girl i have just change my mind and will chart F16 to fly me fast from hell should one say hi/hellooo. I am so glad. I am someone that take a lot of pleasure in reading and that is how come i bounced into golden article that saves lives

  22. Justathlught

    The prob that i always face is that kil el banet mitil el Big Mac, wala wahde mitil el soura !

  23. Lord Farquad

    This is beautiful.
    This is art.
    You just got a fan, supporter, overly attached mother with this crap.

    favorite part “her 3 hour Crayola Gang Bang on her face”

  24. justaman

    i met a beautiful girl from 3 years ago… We were so close, and we stopped talking for about 5 months from now. Now we’re talking with each other like friends or less…. And i want to get back like before with her (i want her to be my girlfriend because i really love her), but now there is a big distance between us. please tell me what should i do ??

  25. justaman

    i want your help please!!
    i met a beautiful girl from 3 years ago, and we were so close. but for about 5 months from now, we stopped talking like before. and now i think too much about her… and i hope that we go back like before because i really need her and i love her…
    please tell me what should i do !?

  26. i want your help please!!
    i met a beautiful girl from 3 years ago, and we were so close.
    but for about 5 months from now, we stopped talking like before.
    and now i think too much about her… and i hope that we go back like before because i really need her and i love her…
    please tell me what should i do !?

  27. GreyRoze


    Hey I’m 21, and I’m African. I have been talking to this Beautiful Lebanese gal for about 3 months…

    I’ve broke through many hard walls. And we are at the point that she really likes me, she’ll keep saying “we’ll defiantly hang once I get back from Vaca” or “I’ll let you know”…

    She’s like a chair in a all-white plain room.

    She’s super bizarre… What can I do to break this shit!

    With warm regards,


  28. mujigi

    You are so open minded ,like that keep up

  29. sal

    I love your article and your fans, i do have a short story for your guys that most Lebanese girls loves money and attention.
    Good luck defusing this atomic bomb..

  30. Black man here very much interested in one lebanese girl in my hood. will my race be an issue?

  31. babar

    Thanks for the article. Dating a lebanese girl. Always paying when we go out of course…I made the error to tell her that may be it would be nice if she invite me once a year…She told me I should be ashame to ask her and she broke up. So I totally agree with your article. That’s said they are well educated, behaved, caring, classy and know how to play in bed…

  32. Laila

    Your too funny!
    Thanks I really needed A laugh, now my face hurts 😂
    Maybe u can act it out on YouTube.

  33. Advait

    “I stick with my bros” part at the start synched with my own character and nudged me to read further on

    And boy, oh boy! What an absolute gem of article…not talking of the content (which too is good) but the way you weave an otherwise usual topic by using examples/adjectives into a poetry of the highest order…I just could not stop myself from reading the next (and the next, and the next…) sentence.

    I’m so happy to have come across such a witty and wonderful written article that’s got a peaceful soul and loads of musing at the back of it.

    Hope you continue to elevate us mortals with this skill of yours.

    Your (newfound) fan!

  34. I’m a woman but I laughed so hard at this, amazing job at this funny and true article, bro 😅😅😆 my favorite was when you mentioned the poem “Roses are red, Violets are blue, my Ferrari’s parked outside, wanna come with me boo?” 😆😆😆

  35. Kareem

    So they aren’t against sex before marriage?

  36. angstylebmom

    I fail to see the humor in this, if anything its highly offensive and makes sweeping biased generalizations. I had to skip through the rants half the time and if I were a masochist, Id try to skim through your blog. Thankfully, I still value my eyesight and my few braincells under my hair.

  37. Andrew

    Greetings Mr. Blogger. I HAVE A QUESTION. PLEASE REPLY ASAP. How does educational background affect your chances in dating? In Lebanon AUB is a highly prestigious university. BUT I am a graduate (BA in business) from Haigazian university which is also tough. Currently I am working on my CPA license as well to further improve my future prospects. Given my situation, what are my chances of hooking up with a girl from AUB? Can i attract a girl from that university? Does being a Haigazian student grant one high social status? Can i attract high status high quality girls given my education? Thank you for your kind attention……

  38. Andrew

    Greetings Sir. I HAVE A QUESTION. PLEASE REPLY ASAP. How does educational background affect your chances in dating? In Lebanon AUB is a highly prestigious university. BUT I am a graduate (BA in business) from Haigazian university. Currently I am working on my CPA license as well to further improve my future prospects. Given my situation, what are my chances of hooking up with a girl from AUB? Can i attract a girl from that university? Does being a Haigazian student grant one high social status? Can i attract high status high quality girls given my education? Thank you for your kind attention……

  39. Andrew

    Sorry I posted the same comment twice by mistake…….

  40. Ridwan Peer

    Hey, great article. I am from South Africa and coming to Lebanon on the 26th December. Your tips sound spot … I am a single man of 53 and would love to hook up with some Lebanese woman of around 35 to 45, shall I still try the same places you suggested or is there another option for me too.

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